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Domestic Express Carrier

Kingdom Network Courier has extensive network coverage in whole Malaysia. We provide various solutions to meet our customer's needs.

Next Day Delivery Service

Door to Door delivery within 24 hours in all serviceable areas in Malaysia.

Same Day Delivery Service (SDD)

Our SDD services are customised to deliver extremely time-critical shipments within KL City & Klang Valley, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya on the same-day of pick-up. Whether it is urgent documents or parcels our SDD Courier will deliver your shipments in the fastest way possible to the designated areas.

Reverse Charge Service

This service is made available upon special request from the valued customers to pick up their valuable shipment from third party & deliver back to the shipper as to fulfil our valued customer express carrier expectation.

Diplomatic Service

Diplomatic Express is designed for those extraordinary shipments that demand flexibility, individual attention, urgency or any combination of these attributes. For example, Critical Time Bound Goods like Human Blood & Parts, Serum, Diamonds, and other Precious items that require individual attention can be hand carried for clients who are concerned about the security of their shipments. We depute our own staff to fly to any country in the world to ensure that your package reaches the destinations and meets up with your deadline and time frame.

Service Options

Insurance is available for all International shipments. Please ask our customer service representative to make the necessary arrangements, when you make a booking or simply tick the appropriate box on the consignment note. Inbound Express Receiver has total control of all inbound shipments from around the world, providing reliable hassle-free import services. Goods are customs cleared and delivered, and you're invoiced in local currency.

Bulk Service

Door to door delivery of heavy & bulk shipments within Malaysia at economical rates.

Delivery Order Return Service

An exclusive service designed to meet the needs of customers to obtain the stamped and signed delivery order (DO) from their valued consignee's.

Standard Pick-Up

Hassle free pick-up solutions for our customers who requires daily pick-up.

Late Pick-Up

Special arrangement for extension of pick-up after office hours can be arranged while still providing next-day delivery.

Early Deliveries

Early deliveries for all urgent shipments can be pre-arranged.

Cash On Delivery

E-commerce receiver able to pay cash upon delivery.

International Express Carrier

With the extended network formed by Kingdom Network Courier and its business partners, across all borders, deliveries became much easy.

International Delivery Service

Door-to-Door, Hassle-free and Cost Effective International Delivery Service.

Freight Service

Delivery of Heavy & Bulky Shipments to over 200 Countries at Attractive Rates.

Customised Logistic Solutions

An exclusive service designed to cater to the special needs of customers who requires solutions for their logistical and express deliver challenges. At Kingdom Network Courier, we make it possible. Our service is fully customisable to fit your requirement.

Security Handling

Efficient and reliable service for high value shipments. Our automated and integrated are well managed records on every handling process and monitors the shipments movements from the point of pick-up until delivery.

Mail Room Handling

This service is available to clients who wish to outsource their Mail Room activities of handling incoming and outgoing mails & parcels. Under this service, Kingdom Network Courier station its own staffs at client's Mail Room to handle their mail activities.

Project Handling

Kingdom Network Courier offers a complete project handling service whereby it takes care of its customer goods from arrival in Malaysia to distribution to end users. Kingdom Network Courier provides a complete warehousing, packing and distribution services. We also provide specially customised reports to our customers.

Logistic Services

Kingdom Network Courier was formed to serve the growing demand for Logistics and Freight business in Malaysia. Established with experience in handling Land, Air and Ocean Freight, it strives to optimize customers' transportation costs via Total Quality Management (TQVM) efficiency and effectiveness.